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There are a lot of ways to get traffic to your website.  Some are free and some cost money.  The ways to get website traffic that actually work require time and effort on your part.  You can't just throw money at it and expect to buy your way to good traffic no matter how easy people trying to sell you the 'traffic tools' make it seem.

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Get Traffic for Free

Obviously you want to get as much free website traffic as you can.  It IS possible to get a nice steady stream of visitors to your website but it does take work.  Here are the best ways to get traffic to your website for free:

1.  Get Traffic from the Search Engines

Hands down, this is the best way to get traffic.  If someone types in a search term related to your website you want your website to come up as close to the top as possible. 

It is easy to get listed in the search engines. You just need to submit your website to Google.

The hard part is getting to the TOP of the search engines. 

To get to the top of the search engines requires you to optimize your website pages (also called SEO which stands for search engine optimization.)

SEO is a very detailed and involved process.  You have to figure out which words people type in to find your product, how much competition each search term has and then you have to actually set up your pages so that the search term appears where it should and how often it needs to on your webpage.

If you don't want to learn the nitty-gritty of SEO and muddle through it on your own there is a good little tool called Search Engine Visibility that can help you do SEO on your site a lot faster and easier.  It helps prepare your website so the search engine finds it.  It's easy for beginners and can really help you boost your search engine rankings. 

2.  Promote Your Website Yourself

Using this method you can get website traffic but it takes a LOT of work both initially and on an on-going basis.  In this method you  generate traffic through one or more of the following methods:






Put your Website URL in your Email Signature


Word of Mouth/Networking - i.e., talk up your website


Create a Free Product to Drive Traffic to your website




Promote your website on forums, blogs, and other websites (WARNING: DO NOT spam your website name everywhere, you need to make sure you control where it goes and how it gets there.  Do NOT use an automated service for this.)

I don't really like many of the methods listed in #2 because they are a lot of work for not much reward.  I think the best and most profitable way of getting traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization.  SEO doesn't work overnight and it does take time and effort but if you get to the top of the rankings for your products you can really do well.


Get Website Traffic - Paid

There are a lot of companies that will sell you traffic.  Most are worthless.  The ONLY pay source of website traffic I recommend is Google Adwords.   It is cheap - you can pay as little as $5/month - and you only pay for website visitors that actually click on your ad and visit your website.  Google is, of course, very reputable. 

You can see a short video from Google below that explains how their Adwords program works. 


To learn more information about the Google Adwords program click here.


Pay Website Traffic to Avoid

Here is a list of other website traffic you can get but in my experience is a total waste of time and money. 


Email Ads (this is almost always spam, regardless of what the people selling want you to believe. 


Classified Ad Listings


Traffic Packages that promise to deliver so many number of hits or visitors to your website


E-Zine Ads- these are ads in email newsletters


Pop up Ads


Banner Ads


Submission Services that offer to submit your website to hundreds of Search Engine Directories



Best Approach to Getting Traffic

Here's what I recommend:  Use Google Adwords to get immediate traffic coming into your website.  At the same time, use the Search Engine Visibility tool to optimize your website and do SEO on your website.   

Over time your SEO efforts should bring in enough free traffic that you can then taper off and end your pay Adwords traffic.  That way you will get website visitors now but eventually all of your website visitors will be free.




Disclosure: I receive payment from about 25% of the companies mentioned on this site.

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