Should You Hire a Web Designer?

Or Build Your Website Yourself?

You may be wondering "Should I hire a web designer or just build my website myself?"  That's a great question!  The answer is ... it depends. 

Whether or not you should hire a web designer depends on a lot of different factors.  Most people just look at the up front costs involved but there are other factors to consider that you need to think about.

1.  Do you want your website to have a lot of bells and whistles?

What I mean by that is do you want your website to do things that a regular website can't do.

A website that you can build yourself can be pretty fancy.  You can easily add music, video, RSS feeds, forums, basic password protection, shopping carts, credit card payments and other items to your website with just a click of a button.  You don't need to hire a web designer for those things these days.

If you want your website to do more things like be a Facebook or Ebay clone or set up user logins or do anything fancy or special like that then hiring a web designer is your best bet.

2.  How much do you want to spend on your website?

If you choose to go with a web designer to build your website you are usually looking at a cost of $500-$1500 for just a basic website that you could build yourself for less than $10.

Normally the quoted price a web designer gives you ends up going up by the time your website is finished.  Sometimes it's the web designer who adds on extra fees and sometimes it's the client's fault because they keep adding more to the website.

When considering the cost of your website don't forget to include the costs of updating your website.  If you build your website yourself it doesn't cost you anything extra to make changes to your website.  If you hire a web designer to build your site it will normally cost you about $50 or more for the web designer's time to make the changes for you.  So every time you want to make a change to your website it's going to be expensive.

3.  How reliable is the web designer you are considering?

Web designers burn out quite often and some are just flakes.  If you go with a web designer you want to make sure that you go with one who will be there if and when you need them. 

A lot of times people do web design for a short period of time then find out it isn't for them.  Trying to get those people to help you when they have moved on to something else is really frustrating.  

Other web designers just build sites here and there to earn extra money and once they are done with the project you are on your own.

It's VERY important that if you do decide to go with a web designer that you hire one that has been in business several years and you have talked to at least 3 of their clients for references.

Unless you know that the website you want to build requires a web designer I STRONGLY suggest that you build your own website.  It will be MUCH easier and better for you in the long run.

IF you don't want to build your website yourself, and want a great looking regular website, check out Act Now Domains.  They have web designers on staff that will build and maintain your website for you for around $45/month.  

If you decide to go with a web designer check out my article below about what to look for and look out for when hiring a web designer. 

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