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SEO Keywords - What are They and Why You Should Care?

SEO Keywords are THE most important aspect of getting ranked highly in the search engines.  If you pick the right keywords you can get ranked highly and get a lot of free traffic from Google and the other search engines.  Pick the wrong SEO keywords and your site will be buried way down in the search engines where no one ever looks.

What are SEO Keywords

Why Should You Care about Keywords

How to Choose Good Keywords

What are SEO Keywords?

A keyword is the search term you are targeting on your web page.  It's what you want visitors to type in to get to your site.  A keyword can be one word or several words. 

For example, the keyword for this web page is "SEO Keywords."

Why Care about SEO Keywords?

Using keywords on your website helps Google and the other search engines know what your website is about.  The more ways you can show Google your website is about a particular keyword the more Google thinks "Ah-ha! This site is about that keyword."  So, the more chance that Google will bring your website up near the top of its results when a user types in that word or phrase.

The 'trick' to getting high in the search engine rankings is to figure out the best keywords to target on your website.  That's the part that a lot of people have trouble with because they just pick a word they think will work and don't bother to do the work necessary to choose the best keyword.

How to Choose Good SEO Keywords for your Website

Your goal is to choose a keyword to target that meets the following criteria:

1.  A lot of people search for that keyword each month, AND

2.  It is pretty easy to get to the top of the rankings for that search term.

Google has a GREAT keyword tool that is free to use that shows you how many people search for a specific keyword each month. 

Simply type in what your website is about in 2 or 3 words and it will bring up how many people search each month for that keyword as well as how much competition you are up against for that search term.

For example, let's say that you sell trains on your website.  A lot of people would just target the keyword "trains" but you are smarter than that. 

You know that you don't care about all the different searches people could be making for trains out there - ex: train tickets to Paris, train schedule, subway trains, etc.  You just care about people wanting to buy trains.  So, you type the keyword 'buy trains' into the search box.

This will bring up a list that looks like this:

You can see at a glance what your competition is like as well as how many searches you can expect on your keyword each month. 

For example, using the information above we can see that the term "buy trains" gets 3,600 searches a month and has above average competition.  The term "buy a train" gets 33,100 searches a month and has less competition.  Which is the best to target based on this information?  The one with less competition which in this case is "buy a train."

What's Next?

Choosing the right keyword for your website is THE most important aspect of getting your website ranked high in the search engines but it is just step 1 of the 4 step process.

The next step is really easy and will take you about 2 minutes - Inserting SEO Meta Tags into your website. 

If you want help with your keywords and optimizing your website, I recommend Search Engine Visibility.  It's a great tool to help you figure out your keywords and analyzes your website to make sure it's set up correctly for the search engines.  It's cheap, easy to use and great for beginners.

Click here to go to Step 2:  SEO Meta Tags

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Step 1:  SEO Keywords

Step 2:  SEO Meta Tags

Step 3:  SEO Optimize Your Website

Step 4:  Get Links

This is just a brief look at the basics of SEO keywords.  For more specific information on choosing the right keyword, how to analyze your competition and how to optimize your website, you may find my ebook on How to Start and Grow your Internet Business helpful.  I go into a lot more detail there. 




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